Aureet was the only baby born without anesthesia by natural childbirth out of the many births at Beth Israel Hospital at that time. It was only after a great effort to convince the head of the obstetrics department that the natural birth was allowed. He was one of those

Aureet, 1958
who developed the use of anesthesia and introduced it into the hospital. Aureet's mother, Miriam, was in labor for sixteen hours without an attendant because they didn't know how to accommodate an awake woman in labor. Aureet was also breast fed, which was unusual at that time. Aureet looked so lovely, lively, and healthy. The nurses loved her and called her Rosy, Pinkie or Rose because of her gentle pink color. We called her Aureet, Light - spelled like Aurora.

[Recently, when we brought the gravestone from Israel, made from 'Jerusalem stone', one of the people who works at the monument company told us that the name of this stone in Italian is Rosa Aurora.]