In The Red Woods (1976)

Dawn's early rays
pierced the foliage green
found me in that secret place,
a fawn nibbling at my ear.
Strewn about me fallen gold
upon a carpet green;
a magic bird sang her song,
while the bubbling brook was dancing.

I tiptoed silently
careful not to wake
ancient bearded trees.

Overhanging branches
covered mossy green,
dripping fresh fallen rain
flowers heavy in the air,
Plants too thick to pierce.
A lion ! No, a tiger !
Silly, there aren't any here.

Rain Joy (1975)

It's raining! It's raining!
She shouts for joy. dancing in wild abandon
Arms out flung welcoming, face turned up,
caressed by the falling drops.
letting the rain cleanse her soul,
drenching her to the bone.

The Lake (1976)

There is a crystal blue lake
nestled in rolling hills;
so clear and fresh and cool.
But we can only stare at it longingly;
For only little people
can go there -
on the highway of the elves.

Fairies Dance (1976)

Against a dark blue sky,
green pine trees stand,
frosted with white icing,
decorated with bright diamonds,
glittering in the winter sun.
Beneath overhanging branches,
heavy with new fallen snow,
little fairies dance for joy.

The Spring (1976)

A little mountain spring
trickling down between stones.
Dripping leaves
making little rivulets,
sprinkling into the spring,
joining it, giving it strength.
Now it is carrying stones,
flowing over rocks in white rapids,
laughing, gurgling, tinkling.

Silent in shaded pools,
stirred only by small ripples.
Little animals are coming - -
Deer are drinking,
Fish are swimming.

Flowing again,
joined by more streams,
stronger and stronger,
Waterfalls - -
sparkling colors.
clear, cold, and fresh
pouring into the enormous ocean - -
into eternal love

The little mountain spring - -

Touch The Light (1975)

The sky's so blue it hurts;
not a cloud in its imagination.
The sun so bright
you can almost touch the light.
The ocean glitters greenish blue
like a cat's eyes in the night.
Children splashing in the waves,
bodies turning on their spits
Toasting to a crisp dark brown.
The snow falls softly.
Dream on…

Tranquil Happiness (1975)

Green, fresh-smelling grass
after warm late spring shower.
Everything is sparkling
in the bright sunshine.
The smell of clean budding flowers
sprinkled across green carpet,
delicate, soft colors.
Birds singing high in the trees
twinkling melodies.
Tall, leafy trees casting cool shadows
Crisscrossed with bright sunbeams
penetrating through the leaves.
Little brown rabbits sniffing,
hopping quickly through the grass.
Love, my hand in yours, warm, together,
running, chasing, laughing, falling,
lying side by side beneath the shady leaves
in the sparkling drops - -
dreaming in your arms…

Beautiful World (1971)

Open your eyes
see how beautiful
is the world.
Breath deeply the air
How clean and fresh.
Smell the flowers blooming
Hear the birds chirping gaily.
Listen to the pine needles
rustling in the breeze.
Touch the softness of a flower petal,
Feel the roughness of the bark.
Tell me,
Is it not beautiful?

I Wish I Could Teach Him (1972)

I wish I could
take him for a walk,
show him a flower
so he could look at it,
so he could perceive
what I see,
and understand.

Teach him to expand,
hold it all within him,
The sky,
The sea,
The land - -

Teach him how small,
how tiny we are
in endless universe;
How unimportant
Man is as a whole
and each individual
inside our system.

Take him on a tour
of the greatness
and the development of man.
Then, the great depression
of man destroying himself
in his progress.
To open his eyes to the future,
his mind to the past,
his heart to nature.

To teach him - -
That man is here to live,
To love,
To die,
And during his life,
to make it better
for those who come after him.

I want to teach him
The beauty,
The depth,
The greatness,
the real truth of nature.

What Is Beauty? (1976)

What is beauty?
Beauty is a flaming tree in Fall.
Beauty is a sunset on the beach.
Beauty is a city all lit up at night.
Beauty is the Prudential reflecting the sunset.
Beauty is a soft furry cat all curled up asleep.
Beauty is a lion babysitting for a lamb.
Beauty is a ray of sunshine between the clouds.
Beauty is the spring rain on budding flowers
Beauty is a mountain in freshly fallen snow.
Beauty is a bright red crisp apple.

Have you stopped to look at a leaf?
To trace its delicate veins,
stretching in intricate patterns,
reaching to each and every cell
filled with life and growth.

Have you ever stopped to think about a tree,
What great power gives it life?
What is life?
What makes it grow?
Can you sense its roots stretching out beneath you,
crossing and recrossing,
drinking deeply of its life giving sources.
Have you ever caressed a piece of bark,
felt its roughness and its form?
Have you ever stopped before eating an apple
to roll it in your hands and feel its shape,
to smell it, to lick its outer peel,
bite its broken stem,
only then to sink your teeth
into the juicy pulp?
Have you ever really
looked at a face,
its shadows and its light,
its mountains and valleys?
Have you ever really noticed
how similar faces are
and yet how different?
Have you ever taken the time
to touch a face,
follow its lines softly, gently;
To trace it with your hands and fingertips,
to kiss its every crease,
to mold it with your lips?

Love In Nature (1977)

The waves ripple gently
against the soft sand.
Palm fronds rustle in the breeze
The moon shines,
A silver path across the water.
The heavy scent of flowers in the air.
Starry eyes dream of love
as footprints walk on the shore,
Walking eternity.

A Stream (1976)

I stand beside
a mountain stream,
So cold and crystal clear.
Where have you been?
I ask you,
and where will you be?
I wonder.

Morning Dew (1976)

Someday I'll wear
a spider web -
sparkling morning dew.

A Feather (1975)

How delicate a feather is
each tiny little strand,
Yet it holds the power
of which we all dream - -
To fly and be free.

Butterfly (1976)

nestling gently,
Black tipped orange gold
delicately fluttering…

Feather in the Snow (1975)

across the freshly fallen snow,
The only sound,
that of a feather floating down.

Skiing (1975)

The flying snow stings my face as I fly by brightly clad people all around.
My fingers and toes tingling from the cold.
Faster, faster! down I go.
Every muscle moving with rhythm, down and up with every turn
crisscrossing the snow
Faster, faster! down I go.
I am flying, every movement controlled
Cheeks flushed,
I go faster, faster, down I go.

Twirl (1975)

I rode the shiny carousel,
Watched a million faces fly by.
I rode the White-line roller coaster,
Watched bright lights of places come and go.
I stopped beneath a tree
smelled green grass growing,
There I rested till my head stopped spinning.

Springtime (1975)

Screaming in the hallways,
Jumping up an down,
Doing cart wheels on the grass
and racing down the street.
Happy and free!

Sun Joy (1971)

Little sun beams dancing.
dancing around the room,
reaching into shadowed corner.
dancing across my bed,
touching my eyes.
They sing a happy song:
"Wake up, wake up,
the sun is shining."

Sunset (1976)

The sun sets
so glorious in its death.
Pinks oranges and reds,
flaming colors.
How sweet and sad
the death of the sun.v Why do I feel the same about love?

Worry (1975)

Little tiny birds,
How dare you
play with ocean waves?
Darting forward, racing
to swallow a tasty morsel
before the breaking wave.
Don't you know
what danger lies in store?
Each crashing wave
can sweep your life away
And yet you're always there,
just before the wave
racing at its tip.

In The Sky (1976)

A child up in the sky
was playing the early morn.
It seems she has been sprinkling
across the mountain's sides,
bright reds, pinks, golds, and greens.

Twilight (1976)

I opened my eyes,
I could not tell
If the sun
was going down, or
coming up.
No one to ask
is it day, or
Daughter of the Day,
Kissed by Night,
Born in the glory
of their joining,
forever entwined in their love.

Silence (1974)

Waves gently lapping soft sand,
Silver moon light reflected on the water;
Footprints along the deserted beach.

The Seagull (1977)

The Seagull lay upon
the sand, his beak open
calling a voiceless
A cry cut off
and frozen ...
in time.

Frog (1976)

Little green frog
so still,
A leaf on a branch.
Not a soul can see you there.
Let me hide with you.

Raven (1974)

Just to say your name Raven,
I smell the thick heavy scent
of roses on a summer night.
I see stars sparkling
in the blackest night.
I smell the musty odor of
deep hidden caverns
'neath a palace floor.
I feel whispers of cobwebs
up and down my spine,
I see misty mist shrouding
all of me around…

A Forest Clearing (1976)

Deep, royal blue skies
Fluffy cotton clouds
Flaming fall colors
Snow white frosting
Shady, dusky green
Tinkling waterfalls
Sparkling Star dust
Satin Velvet underfoot
Cobwebs soft as pussycat tails
Raven black shadows.

The Tree (1976)

The bluebird hopped from branch to branch.
cocking his head from side to side.
So curious and full of energy,
chirping about the thing he sees,
questioning it all.
Then a squirrel said "hello"
and the bluebird flew away
through the flaming autumn trees,
His wings widespread - - so blue.

I sat and watched
the tree stand tall
against the dark blue sky.
I watched the clouds
float slowly by.
I watched the shadows
playing with the sun.

Then sorrow surged in me,
I cried with saddened heart - -
Tomorrow there would be no more.
I saw them take my favorite tree
I heard them chop it down.
I felt it cry with hurt and pain.
and tears welled in my eyes.
I stole a little branch away,
to plant it in the ground,
Twenty years I've waited,
and still it hasn't grown…
This tree would be no more.

Man (1975)

Here I walk
The air is crisp, cold and clean.
I walk through bright sunlight,
then into shade, in and out, in and out.
All is silent.
It is as if the world is mine,
As if I control it.
But that will last only few minutes.

The sky is blue,
The pine tree is green,
And the road is black,
the black of shining tar.
And there is white, white snow
covering the ground, the road, and all.
The trees are brown,
All the different shades.
Ah, it is beautiful,
but not for long…
Now, 1…2…3…the cars come.
The air is no longer clean and fresh,
It's filled with car exhaust and smoke.
There is no more silence.
Man has come to yell and scream,
To fight and have wars.
The sky is gray, full of smog,
the road is littered with papers,
cans, and other refuse.
The snow is dirty from man's filth,
No longer harmony with the black road,
No longer is it beautiful here,
No longer is the world mine,
Pollution has destroyed it.
Only ten minutes ago
All was pure and lovely,
Then, that animal MAN walked…

Snow (1975)

The world stands still
as the snow falls.
Dawn awakens,
Small footprints trample the snow
as children play.
Cars spray slush and mud,
horns honk
Men trudge grudgingly to work,
Women out to shop and talk.
Factories spurt smoke
Silt settles over all.
Then, night falls
and all is quiet once again
No longer pure and white
and silent is the night.
The presence of man echoes
in every footprint in the snow.
The snow is