Aureet's mother often writes poems for family birthdays and special events.
This was the last poem written to Aureet before her death.

To Our Dear Aureet On Your Thirty Third Birthday, 9/8/90

To our daughter Aureet who is so bright and beautiful

Our wishes for your birthday are warm and plentiful;

Some wishes have to do with your personal life

And the way you will be as a mother and a wife.

Others are related to your work and your art

Combining the best of your mind and your heart.


We are sure you will succeed in your job and career

With added accomplishments appearing every year.

You will expand your work as a recognized professional

And continue studying the essence of the interpersonal.

We hope you will succeed in your intimacy search

In your theory, in life, and in further research.


We hope you will have all your dreams fulfilled

And your life will always with happiness be filled

Your capacity for deep love and warmth and joy

Be rewarded with a mate and a girl and a boy.

Have a wonderful life and don't work so hard

Find time to rock in the hammock in the yard.


We hope you will have more time for leisure

To hike, ski and swim and other types of pleasure.

We wish you will find opportunity to enhance

Your creative talents in art and in dance,

And develop the best medium and type of activity

To best express your ideas and creativity.


We know and trust you will continue to find

Productive activities that will fill us with pride.

We know you will lead a meaningful way of living.

Since you take great pleasure in generously giving

Perhaps you will have more means and some wealth.

While continuing to have your wholesomeness and health.


We are proud of you and all you have achieved

In your many capabilities we have always believed.

We also know you still have obstacles to overcome

But we trust and expect great things will really comeā€¦

You have many possibilities and choices to make

We hope you will decide the best road to take.