September 8, 1991 Plaque dedication ceremony


We have gathered to dedicate a plaque in your memory here at this beautiful place of nature; the nature you loved so much.

This plaque will commemorate the light and warmth you emanated and will help, we hope, to prevent the occurrence of such tragedies as we have experienced.

Aureet, you believed that love is stronger than death - you were right. The only thing that sustains us is that we keep loving you.

January 7, 1993 Memorial in Israel

Two years have passed since Aureet's death and today we have gathered here for a memorial to Aureet. We shall remember her beauty and her creative abilities. We shall remember her unique will to learn and develop and improve herself, and her desire to contribute and enrich her surroundings. We shall remember the diversity of her talents and what she created in art, paintings and poetry and her contribution in the theory of human development. And especially we shall remember the light and warmth joy and love she bestowed upon us and the happiness she gave us over the 33 years of her life. We shall mention also the love that we love her, love that will endure as long as we live. Her memory will live on in all that she left behind and through our love that is stronger than death as Aureet believed.

Summer, 1993

Aureet was able to express her feelings and thoughts through writing, painting and dance. She had a unique combination of diverse creative talents with very high intellectual ability. She was introspective and was seeking ways to improve herself while having an accepting and tolerant attitude toward others with their weaknesses and follies. She knew how to encourage people and help them to develop themselves and their potential.

Her conscientiousness, industriousness, energy and care together with her ability to plan and organize, gave her the potential to attain many important accomplishments. Her high abilities and her inner discipline led her to excel in her studies and achieve the highest possible educational level and professional success. She gained respect and appreciation of her professors, students, and colleagues. In her eager search for understanding of her own growth and desire to understand human relations she developed a psychological theory on interpersonal development throughout the life span.

In her poetry and art, as well as in her essays and other writings, she gave a genuine expression of herself, her questions, struggles, and growth experiences. She was very open and uninhibited in expressing feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Aureet had a special capability to create beauty around her in ordinary daily life. Her home was beautiful, warm, and inviting and she was a wonderful, charming and generous hostess. She was appreciative of every little thing that was done for her or given her. She knew how to be gracious in accepting things as she was generous in giving.

She created unique relationships with each member of the family and was perceptive in her understanding of family interactions. Every family gathering and celebration was very important and meaningful to her. Her love for her family was expressed in many ways, including the initiative to increase family get-togethers, outings, and opportunities for conversations, discussions and play. She brought to all of us a spirit of joy, warmth and caring.