Aureet falls in water at ice edge 40 ft. from shore after trying to help dog. Calls for help. Responding are: Bridgitte and Hayg Boyadgian, Elizabeth Whitbeck




Bridgitte crawls out on ice gets close to Aureet and hands her logs which she can not hold. Ice dips, she gets wet and comes back in. Others build log trail to ice edge. 

Elizabeth runs toward DeCordova meets bicyclist who takes the message to the entry hall of the DeCordova.

Responding are:
DeCordova Employees:
Corin sitting at front desk
Michelle sitting at front desk
Chris standing by front desk

Sander Nydick and Ellen Klapper



Chris takes industrial heavy electrical cord and runs to site. Sander takes rope from car and runs to site. Ellen follows. On the way they meet David and Susan Wright. David with hockey stick runs to site.

Corin makes call to police, identifyingnature of accident -told help is on the way

Michelle goes outside looks down from DeCordova to water's edge.  Sees police car at waters edge.  Supervisor Junecomes out and tells her to go inside.  June waits outside for police to come to ask for directions, they do not arrive there.


David Wright takes electrical cord from Chris. Ties it around his waist and goes out on ice with three logs underneath him and his hockey stick to look for Aureet and make one rescue dive when he sees her. Others are prepared to help them out if necessary. Michelle receives call from police dispatcher who asks location of accident. Michelle tells them 3/4 of a mile to right around lake (bicyclist told them).


Fireman Cavenaugh arrives on site; calls David Wright off ice. Calls dispatcher to call for divers.

2:21 - 2:35

Three Firemen: Cavenaugh, Van Wert, Third fireman.
Two Policemen: Mooney, Second policman
Arrive on site. No action taken.

chris takes electrical cord goes back to DeCordova.

Hayg Boyadgian points out alternate access route. Conservationist opens access. Emerson Hospital rescue vehicle directed to this Conservation trail, and eventually the divers.



Fireman David Conte, volunteer diver, called at home. Drives first to FireStation and then to DeCordova parking lot. Walks banc and forth from shoreline to parking lot. Met by: Chris, Officer Mooeny and David and Susan Wright. Does not walk to site, considers how to take boat there. Eventually drives truck around to alternate access road after Maynard drivers arrive.


Maynard Divers called.


David and Susan Wright walk back to DeCordova.



Maynard Divers arrive near Sandy Pond sent at first by dispatcher to the pump house on the wrong side of DeCordova. Then are directed to alternate access route.


Maynard Divers on Site.


State police helicopter arrives, spots Aureet immediately at the edge of the ice. Maynard diver enters water. Aureet is at end of log trail in 5-6 feet of water. Within 12 seconds is out of water.


Aureet tkane on ice sled to shore. CPR administered along with fluids. Taken on Conte's truck to road, transferred to ambulance. Taken to School, transferred to life flight helicopter.


Aureet arrives at UMass Medical center in Worcester. Aureet is revived and lives until 6:00am next morning.