AUREET'S LETTERS — California 1981-82

October, 1981

Hi Sageet!

How are you? Well, I'm stuck in Cheyenne, waiting for them to fix our brakes (we don't have any rear breaks and I don't think its a good idea to go through the Rockies without them!!) To top it off it's snowing all across Wyoming, I just hope that when they do fix the brakes we will be able to get out of here. By the time you get this letter, I'll either be in California or stuck under a 12 foot snow drift!! Not much else is happening except that at least this hotel has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and Sauna so life isn't so bad after all.

Camping in California, 1982

How is school? How did you do on the mid terms? I'm sure you did fine and it will get easier as you get the hang of it. Just try to make the most of it! College can be a super drag if you let it or you can learn a lot, but it's up to you to stimulate yourself. Make sure you reward yourself for good studying because then it will get easier and part of your behavior. The key to doing well with a minimum amount of effort in college is good study habits - so study your Psych text on Operant Conditioning and use it. One other key is never ever leave things for the last minute!! Especially for the end of semester Finals and Term papers!! You can have a nervous breakdown in December trying to get everything done the last week! Plus it's a royal drag because you can't do anything else! I learned that the hard way my first semester. If you need my help or advice let me know…

[Note: Aureet would usually finish her class assignments immediately when she learned what the assignments were.]

October, 1981

Dear Savtah [Grandmother],

It was wonderful to see you again. I feel so happy that I've had the opportunity to spend more time with you. Your serenity, warmth, and good humor filled the house, as well as our hearts. Your coming such a long distance to share in this joyful wedding, was the best present of all. Steve was especially grateful for the opportunity of meeting you. He, as well as I, now feel we have an extra-special grandmother. We are both looking forward to coming to Israel and spending more time with you.

…We love you very much and wish we could see you much more often. I wish you good health and happiness in the many years to come…

October, 1981

Dear Linka [Aunt],

The cover of this card is a picture of where we stayed on our honeymoon. We had an absolutely wonderful time, the only problem was that it had to end. We are now back in Boston busily packing for our move to California in 3 days.

Linka, I am so glad that you were here for the wedding. You made it so extra special for me. Your help, support, friendship and love are very much appreciated and will be treasured always. I am only sorry that we are not neighbors so that I could talk to you everyday. The way things are now I shall be looking forward to visiting you in Israel in the near future. Of course, you are always warmly welcome to come visit me in California at which time I shall serve you dinner on the most beautiful China in the world. I am so grateful that you talked us into getting the China. Now my dishes will be like special friends and I shall always think of you…

I think you are a wonderful person and I'm glad you are my Aunt and that everyone thinks that I am like you…




October, 1981

Dear Joan [friend],

Just wanted to write a little note to say Thank you - for the lovely glasses, for the shower, but most of all for your wonderful friendship. Yes, I may be moving to the other side of the world but I feel deeply that we are going to be friends, and close friends at that, for a very very long time. It's incredible how close we've come in this short year, yet I feel like I've known you all my life and have since the first night we talked for seven hours. I was impressed then by your generous loving free spirit as well as your strength and determination. You still impress me every time I see you and I am so glad you are my friend. I shall cherish your friendship and love for many years to come as well as all the fun memories.

Joan, I also believe that you will find what you want in relationships too. I think you have shared in many special relationships that should not be devalued because they didn't include rings and permanence. In fact, I think you've had much better relationships and loving then many other people who stay married for twenty years. Be confident good things will come your way!! Of course you always have a place to stay in Califreaky as well as a special place in my heart. I love you and wish you all the very best.